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1. Become a Member

Becoming a member is simple – an annual EUTIC membership costs £5 for any matriculated University of Edinburgh student, and £10 for other students. Semester memberships are also available.
To become a member, you can:

  • Buy a membership at EUSA’s Activities Fair during Fresher’s Week.
  • Attend our weekly meetings and speak to a committee member.
  • Purchase your membership through the Edinburgh University Student Association (EUSA) online. Your can then collect your membership card at our next weekly meeting.
  • If you are not a student at Edinburgh University, send an email to our secretary including: name, year of study, and the name of your university.

2. Join a Sector

By joining a sector, you can get involved in managing the largest entirely student-run fund in the UK. The money that we invest comes from the club rather than from our members, thus the fund provides members with a unique opportunity to learn about investment at no personal risk to themselves. Click here to to contact our sector heads.

3. Attend Sponsor Events

EUTIC are lucky to have a fantastic range of industry-leading sponsors, each with a commitment to attracting the best talent to their firms. By attending our sponsor events, including presentations, networking events, insight days, and competitions throughout the year, you will be able to meet professionals and find out more about possible gradate employment opportunities. Find the most up-to-date schedule of our events on our Facebook page.

4. Contribute in Main Meetings

Members are encouraged to get involved as much as possible with our weekly meetings. Presenting to EUTIC at a main meeting isn’t just an opportunity to practice speaking in front of one of the best audiences on campus -we also make a major commitment to preparing and guiding new speakers who step forward with ideas for talks, so that you give the best presentation possible.

You can choose from: giving a talk on any finance-related topic in our Monday main meeting, taking part in our short debates at the end of each meeting, or playing FTSE Up / Down – a lighthearted game which gives a quick overview of the week’s financial news and its effect on the markets.

Below is a list of suggested topics for talks – contact our Head of Operations to book your slot.

  • How the City Works
  • Equity Markets Explained
  • Debt Markets and Fixed Income Explained
  • Bond Markets & Syndication Explained
  • Money Markets Explained
  • Economics Explained (a very broad topic!)
  • Commodities Explained
  • Investment Funds Explained
  • Stock Market Crashes & Bubbles
  • The Credit Crunch Explained
  • Derivatives Explained
  • M&A Deals Explained
  • Private Equity Explained
  • Company Valuation

Don’t let this list limit you – a topic you find interesting and one you’re passionate about is even more likely to succeed than our suggestions.

5. Attend Social Events

EUTIC, with 7 sectors, an annual conference, and various networking events, gives you the perfect chance to meet other students as well as professionals. Our social events throughout the year, such as our Christmas Banquet and Annual Gala are a great place to relax and celebrate the work done throughout the year.

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